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Benefits of Thyme

Thyme is a woody perennial one of the best know herbs, native to Europe and now grown throughout the world.  There are many varieties, broad leaf, narrow leaf and variegated.  Some are more aromatic than others and the fragrant Lemon Thyme is ideal for use in teas.  Thyme has a woody stem and produces small aromatic leaves which grow on opposite sides of the stem.  In summer it produces clusters of pinkish flowers that form at the tip of the plant.


The Actions of Thyme


Antitussive - (used to prevent or relieve a cough)



Anthelmintic (used to destroy parasitic worms)


Expectorant - ( secretion of mucus and saliva by the air passages - used to treat coughs)

Rubefacient - (used for topical use)


 In World War 1 as Thyme has antibacterial properties it was used as an antiseptic and thus is good today used as a gargle or in cough mixtures and medicinal oils.  


Thyme for Tea


 If you are feeling a little under the weather with a cold thyme has wonderful antibacterial and antiseptic properties so good for sore throats and aiding the respiratory system.  Combine with the honey and lemon and you will have an amazing soothing drink.


Lemon Thyme Syrup


1 Lemon

Honey - preferably organic/raw 

1 -2 tbsp of Thyme

1  Wash lemons, if using ones from supermarket/green grocers scrub of the wax coating prior to using.  Chop up the whole lemon       finely including the skin and put into a glass or ceramic bowl and cover with honey.  

2  Cover and leave for up to 24 hours.

3  Pick Thyme and put into a bowl and cover with a cup of boiling water, cover with glad wrap or a lid etc as you want to contain the volatile oils and leave for approximately 15 minutes.

4  Once cooled to blood temperature (35 degrees) strain the thyme into the honey a lemon mix.  Mix well.

5  Pour into a sterilised jar and keep in the fridge.

6  Use as required.

Immunity Thyme

Thyme has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and can help boost your immune system and be used as a steam inhalation which is good for soothing coughs and the respiratory system, for cuts and grazes or even wiping over surfaces.


All you need to do is 
1  Pick a handful of Fresh Thyme - just the common/pizza Thyme
2  Put into a bowl and pour boiling water over it 
3  Cover with glad wrap, a plate, saucepan lid etc - This is to make sure no of the volatile oils escape, you want them to stay in the water.
4  Leave for 10 minutes if you want to use as a inhalation or a little longer 15 minutes if you want to pour into a bath and relax and let the goodness soak in.
5  Please note it will turn yellow in colour
6  Or let it cool down and pour into a sterilised container and use for wiping over work surfaces etc.

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