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Where to Grow Herbs

Herbs can be grown anywhere, it just depends on your own style and how much room you have.

I am lucky I have lots of room so I made a round potager garden in the middle of my vegetable garden where I grown my culinary herbs but I also have other herbs on the edge of my vegetable beds either at the back or in the front.  In the back of my beds I have perennials such as lemon and orange balm and at the front I have calendula.  I have three large vegetable beds and each one has different herbs planted in each corner, a couple have Pineapple Sage, I have Hyssop, Sage Cleary, plus others that often self seed including flowers.

























If you don’t have much room, perhaps you are in a rental property or live in an apartment or just have a small garden, herbs will grow quite happily in pots and containers where they can be placed on your deck, front or back steps, balcony, any where they can sit and get several hours of sunlight.  


There is such a variety of containers to choose from you are spoilt for choice, but if you are on a budget use old food tins (good for window sills), or an old bucket or flower pots.  What you must do it make sure there are holes in the bottom for drainage.  Most herbs do well grown in pots, the only exception is those with long roots, such as Comfrey or Horseradish.    Fill you pots up with some potting mix and start planting.  At this point you don’t need to feed your herbs as the potting mix has all the nutrients in it but later in the summer you might need to give your herbs a feed, such as seaweed or any organic tea.





















If you are planting in the garden, you can choose a more formal design or have a natural look.  What ever you choose just have a think about access to your plants and how they grow.  Herbs that you are going to use all the time are best put towards the front and those that are larger and form bushes, such as Sage, Rosemary, Lemon Balm put towards the back.


The greater diversity of herbs you have in your garden the greater diversity of insects, birds, bacteria, fungi and earthworms which all have great benefit to having a healthy garden.  By adding herbs the garden looks attractive and assists with the pollination and helps keeping a stable balance with the garden.

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