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Picking Young Fruit

off Fruit Trees

In spring everything starts growing rapidly and this is no exception in the orchard for the fruit trees.

If the trees are healthy and happy they will produce the beautiful blossom in early spring and if we are lucky the weather will not damage this blossom which in turn grows into fruit buds and then as mature into fully grown apples, pears, plums etc for us to harvest and enjoy during summer and autumn.

One of the most commonly asked questions I see is 'my tree has produced lots of 'fruit ie apples' should I reduce them.

The answer is yes, but not until later in the season.  If you start stripping you trees of fruit when they are small, you have no idea which ones are going to be good ie not blemished, a good size etc.  so you run the risk of taking off good fruit and leaving not so good fruit.

By leaving this task for a few months then you can have a much better idea what the fruit is looking like and then pick off the ones that might have some damage or not well formed.  Plus at this point you might be able to use them in some form in sauces, drying rather than if you picked them off earlier in the season, they just get thrown away.








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