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What to do in Spring

September means its go, go go in the garden!


If you have not already started, sow Cucumbers, Eggplants, Peppers and Tomatoes but make sure you sow them in trays that you can bring inside as it’s still too cold for germination in greenhouses/sheds at the moment unless you are in a much warmer area.  I have also sown peas and put them in the greenhouse as they can put up with colder nights.  Later in the month I will be sowing root crops such as onions and carrots…the carrots will been sown directly in the garden but I will start the onions in trays but they could be sown directly if you don’t have room.

Also think about sowing spinach, silverbeet, lettuce and coriander which likes the cooler temperature of spring rather than hot summer temperatures when it just bolts.

If the weather is more stable at the end of the month I will sow some courgettes/zucchini, and get pumpkins and various squash started.


Tips on Sowing Seeds


I generally get a good seed raising mix which is finer than potting mix and ideal for tiny seeds such as the peppers and tomatoes etc.  Larger seeds, pumpkins, squash, peas can cope with potting mix as they are more robust.


I fill my trays with the seed raising mix and press down until firm.  I them water all the trays and let the excess water drain off.  Then sprinkle the surface with the seeds as finely as you can and then very gently sprinkle over a VERY fine layer of seed raising mix, as I find this help to keep the seeds in place.  I then give a quick mist spray.  I generally give these a light mist spray everyday, but it depends if the surface is looking dry or not.  Be careful when watering as tiny seed can easily be wash away and larger seeds will soak up water easily and take more than they need for germination and then they become waterlogged and don’t get the oxygen they need.



Spring Clean


Before sowing any new plants in your greenhouse, tunnel house etc have a good clean out.   Remove all weeds and old soil and top up with fresh soil/compost.   Wash down all of the inside and outside of the greenhouse so you have nice clean panels which will let the light through.  Do not forget to rotate your crops around the greenhouse just like you do in your outdoor veg beds.

Give any of your seeds trays and pots a good clean as you don’t want to pass on any disease spores that may be lingering.

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