A soothing and cooling gel for quick relief on burns, scratches, sunburn and insect bites.  Great to have in your first aid box in a 50ml.  The key ingredients are Aloe Vera and Lavender plus some essentials oils to help with healing.


Aloe Vera 

Most notably it is used for burns due to its cooling, soothing and moisturising properties.  The gel encased in the thick green leaf is used for clear gels and ointments which are applied topically to treat various skin conditions especially burns as it is a very beneficial healer which hastens the healing, stimulating the immune system, thus reducing risk of any infection. 



Lavender essential oil and hydrosol have wonderful antiseptic properties which help to heal burns, scratches, sores, cuts and grazes.  Also relieves inflammation so good for bites.

Burn/Scratch Gel