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Essential Healing and Care Gift Set – a comprehensive collection designed to nurture and protect your skin in every situation. Begin with our Soothing Salve, a versatile balm crafted to provide relief for various skin discomforts. For cuts and wounds, turn to our specialized Cuts & Wounds Salve, a healing blend of comfrey and yarow that promotes recovery. Our Healing Salve is a go-to solution for addressing a range of skin issues, offering nourishing care with each application. The Burn/Scratch Gel is a cooling and soothing formula to provide comfort for minor burns and scratches. Finally, indulge in our Gardeners Hand Cream, a rich and hydrating blend specifically formulated to rejuvenate and protect hardworking hands. Whether you're tending to everyday skin needs or facing the challenges of an active lifestyle, our Essential Healing and Care Gift Set has you covered. Give the gift of comprehensive skincare, because every moment deserves the comfort and care it brings.

Essential Healing and Care Gift Set

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