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I have combined my Head Cold Tea with Chest Balm as a double discounted purchase.  Both will help ease your cold and flu symptoms.


This tea helps when you have a head cold or cough.  Lemon Balm to help those cold symptoms and Lemon Verbena to help calm plus Anise Hyssop & Thyme which have antiviral properties plus Licorice to help ease and soothe a sore or tickle throat and to give a little sweetness.


A gentle natural balm to rub on your chest and throat to help ease congestion from winter colds and flu.  It helps soothe and relieve that horrible blocked up feeling and helps you to deep breath and relax whilst clearing sinuses and relieving a stuffy head.  Helps relieve aching muscles.

The essential oils all help the respiratory system and supports immune defences helping aid recovery.

Head Cold Tea & Chest Balm

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