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This is a collection of four essential ointments that you should have on hand at all times, whether you're on the go, out and about, or just need quick and easy access to healing products. This portable pack includes four 15ml tins, perfect for keeping in your bag, backpack, bike, boat, beach kit, car, caravan, tent, or anywhere else you might need them.

The collection includes:

  • Cut & Wound Salve: For instant relief from cuts and wounds.
  • Skin Salve: Perfect for treating grazes, rashes, and bites.
  • Healing Ointment: Use for sprains, bruises, and healing wounds.
  • Lip Balm: Softens and moisturizes dry, chapped lips.

All of the ingredients are natural and sourced from The Herbal Garden. So you can feel confident that you are using the best quality products with natural ingredients.

Healing 4 Pack

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